Alaska Tracy Podcast

Episode 15 ~ Instagram Expert Sue B



  Welcome to this week’s episode with guest Sue B Zimmerman, Instagram Expert better known as Sue B.   I have been following,  learning, and watching Sue B grow her business for the last four years.  Her story amazes me. She graduated with a degree in nutrition and has become a well-recognized, wildly successful social media and business consultant and speaker.  This is another testimonial proving that anything is possible when you apply a Vision, positive mindset, and oodles of hard work!   Sue B’s first business was at the ripe, old age of 13, and she has gone on to create more than 18 businesses.  Her actions match her motto:  “Don’t stop until you get there.”  Sue B’s determination is infectious!   Do you ever scroll through social media and find yourself comparing yourself to others? Maybe others in your industry or a similar industry?  Maybe wondering how they make it look so easy?  It was so good to hear Sue B say throughout this interview how hard she works...  That her business takes time, and ho