Alaska Tracy Podcast

#40 Falling Down



Accountability is key for achieving all things of greatness in life. My experiences and those I consult and mentor have proven this to be true. Sometimes, I take this piece of the equation for granted. After falling and smashing my face and body into a rock, accountability once again proved to be key for staying the course... or in my case... taking a rest.  I am beyond grateful for all the women in my life that help me to rest and remember my mantra which is 'Slow my Roll so I can Serve Others'. Are you interested in adding accountability into your business and life?  Alaska Tracy's team is offering you a relief map to your success. July 28th the doors open for you to sign up for Visions to Profits - A Women's Success Community .   This community will be instrumental in helping you map your Visions, create clarity, navigate actions to reach your results, and stay the course.  Early bird info: Email: You will be the first to know when doors open and early bird goodies! As always