Alaska Tracy Podcast

#64 - Valiant Vitality - Reprogramming your Inner & Outer Self with Amy Gernaat



In this inspirational episode, I get the chance to talk with Amy Gernaat, who is the founder of Amy G Vitality Coaching and Mentorship at the Vitality Coaching Academy. To connect with Amy, you can reach out to her via her Facebook page Amy Gernaat/ Amy G Vitality, or email  In some magical way, the universe brought us together and Amy has been professionally helping me grow and develop not only my connection with food but assisting me with my business, relationship advice, vitality, and wellbeing.  This motivational superwoman has overcome a number of life obstacles before realizing that the nutritional and accomplished lifestyle she now leads, is the one she wants to share with others. Amy shares her expertise with me from her home in Texas where she discusses the adjustments that we can all make to live a healthy and fulfilled life. To Read More show notes and download your free Self-Sabotage be gone tool-kit here --> Episode #64 Alaska Tracy Podcast Timestamps  03:44 How did you