Corporate Warrior: High Intensity Training And Hit Business

457 - Maximizing Fitness Profits with Ironclad Rates and Policies: Insights from Pete Cerqua



What one thing gives even experienced personal trainers and HIT business owners the biggest headaches and how can you avoid this? Pete Cerqua returns and explains how getting your rates and policies right can set you up for operating a fitness business you'll be happy to keep running and avoid the pain of being walked over like a doormat by terrible clients. Pete is the author of the books The 90-Second Fitness Solution, High-Intensity Fitness Revolution for Women, and High-Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men. He also has decades of experience building massively successful strength-training businesses. His “Million Dollar Trainer” program shows strength trainers how to earn 7 figures per year, and he is currently running an Exclusive HIT Business Coaching Program that’s been helping trainers and strength studio owners generate more revenue than ever before — check out the results here and book a FREE, no-obligation business call now! This is another one of our longer episodes, but if you really want to have