Hay House Meditations

Diana Cooper | Visualization to Experience Life in the Golden Future



We are heading into a new Golden Age, where the world lives in harmony and at one with nature and technology. Discover the fifth-dimensional golden future of joy and delight with best-selling author Diana Cooper, where everyone can express themselves creatively and be accepted for exactly who they are. A personal guide will welcome you with warmth and introduce you to this new, enlightened way of living where people are relaxed, happy, and satisfied and all live in synchronicity, caring for the common good. This meditation will imbue you with hopeful and healing energy for the future of humankind and our precious planet. If you enjoy this guided meditation, we think you’ll love Diana’s brand-new oracle deck, The Golden Future Oracle. Get inspiration to focus on the harmonious future that awaits us all with this beautiful 44-card oracle deck by visiting hayhouse.com/golden.