Corporate Warrior: High Intensity Training And Hit Business

455 - Lifetime in HIT: Combating Burnout, Perfecting New Client Routines, and Trainer Education with Robert Francis



What do you need to know to design and execute the best possible HIT workouts for your clients and how can you teach your strength studio’s trainers to do the same?   Inform Fitness’ Robert Francis is a MedX clinician and master strength trainer with over 40 years of professional experience, multiple certifications, and a wealth of knowledge and experience that has earned him a tremendous amount of respect in the strength training world.  In this episode, we talk about Robert's HIT journey, the differences between old-school and modern-day HIT trainers, how strength training education has changed over the decades, and he offers incredibly valuable insights for both seasoned professionals and aspiring personal trainers looking to give their clients the best of themselves and their personal training services. If you want to build your HIT business and give both your strength training clients and your trainers the best ways to progress, this episode is a must-listen.   ***