Hay House Meditations

Radleigh Valentine | Discover Your Animal Guide Meditation



Join Radleigh Valentine and Ariel, the archangel of nature and the animal kingdom, in a meditative exploration to connect with your animal guide. Delve into spiritual depths, receiving messages that resonate deeply with your life's journey. This guided meditation offers a distinctive and insightful experience, enabling you to tap into the wisdom of Archangel Ariel, your intuitive self, and the guidance provided by your animal companion. If you enjoy this meditation we think you'll love Radleigh's brand-new card deck, Animal Guides Tarot: a 78-Card Deck and Guidebook. This deck brings you gentle messages from God’s “creatures great and small," and universally positive, loving, and respectful of your spiritual path of joy. Visit hayhouse.com/animalguide to get your deck today.