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453 - Does Dr. MacMillan's Eccentric Method Outperform Traditional Training? (Part 2)



Can Dr. Michael MacMillan's advanced eccentric method and technologies unlock the keys to maximizing muscle growth and peak athletic performance or is it just another road that leads to the same HIT plateaus?   Dr. Michael MacMillan joins the podcast, drawing from his expertise and wealth of knowledge in biomechanics and his experiences in working with Arthur Jones and designing HIT equipment. He is a retired orthopedic surgeon and former associate professor at the University of Florida, and the co-creator of the NeGator Strength System.   In this episode, we talk about the potential impact of Dr. MacMillan's eccentric training method on muscle growth and athletic performance, applications in powerlifting, sports, and elderly care, and the use of advanced programs and artificial intelligence in the future of his project. We also touched on the the potential of eccentric training to correct genetic limitations for muscle growth, and the structural and physiological adaptations associated with eccentric traini