Corporate Warrior: High Intensity Training And Hit Business

452 - Beating Burnout with Balance: The 3.3 Rule for Entrepreneurs with John Briggs



What’s the best way for you to structure your workday to give your best to your clients, get the best out of your business, and not actually burn out?   John Briggs joins us again for a deep dive into the science of balancing maximizing your productivity in a day and still living your best life while avoiding the pitfalls many personal trainers and strength studio owners fall into — even the experienced ones!   In this episode, John talks about why you should care about how your work day is structured, the maximum amount of productivity you can actually squeeze out of it (according to science), how you can optimize everything in your fitness business for the best balance of profit, making your clients happy, and keeping your trainers – and yourself – working and living life to the fullest.   If you like profit but hate burnout, don’t miss this episode!   ***