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Michelle Anise | Discover True Abundance While You Sleep with Binaural Beats



In this relaxing sleep meditation, artist and healing arts practitioner Michelle Anise blends sub-audible Delta brainwave-inducing binaural beats, nature sounds, and calming music to create a supportive environment for you to relax into a profound and rejuvenating sleep. As you drift off, the teachings and affirmations embedded will permeate your subconscious, sowing seeds that will gradually blossom and influence your waking life. Scientifically validated by the National Institutes of Health, the binaural beat frequencies have demonstrated efficacy in enhancing sleep onset, duration, and overall sleep quality. You can listen to the 2-hour extended version of this sleep practice and full 4-track meditation collection FREE with a trial of the Empower You Unlimited Audio App. To start your trial and listen now, visit hayhouse.com/empoweryou.