Corporate Warrior: High Intensity Training And Hit Business

450 - Pete Cerqua's 7-Figure Secret: Genius Strategy or Overhyped Fiction?



Can HIT Business coach Pete Cerqua really make you a millionaire or is he just scamming you out of your money?   Pete has decades of experience in building high-powered fitness businesses and training high-ticket clients, and he is also the author of the books The 90-Second Fitness Solution, High-Intensity Fitness Revolution for Women, and High-Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men.   In this episode, Pete gives it to his skeptics straight and he tells you exactly what he can do for you, how he’s made himself and the people he’s coached successful, and what to expect on your road to being truly successful as a fitness business owner.   If you love helping people get fitter and stronger while making money at the same time, you’ll want to tune in to this episode!   ***