Sex With Emily

AITA for Watching Porn While in a Relationship?



Ever wondered: Am I the asshole for watching porn without my partner knowing? Am I the asshole for feeling a little misled about our sex life before we walked down the aisle? Or how about: Am I the asshole for just feeling plain bored with our sex life? You’re not alone. Today, Producer Erica and I read your AITA questions and let you know if you’re approaching asshole territory. In today’s episode, you’ll learn: How to be a supportive partner to someone with sexual trauma How to get clearer on your sexual desires About the experiences of sex workers See the full show notes at Show Notes: How to Give a Prostate Massage 15 Sex Toys That Make Amazing Valentine's Day Gifts VIIA Hemp Co’s High Love Libido Gummies (code EMILY for 15% sitewide + Free Gummies Sample) Erika Lust porn Vice Series: Sex Before the Internet SHOP WITH EMILY! (free shipping on orders over $69) The only sex book you’ll ever need: Smart Sex: How to Boost Your Sex IQ and Own Your Pleasure Want more? Sex With