Corporate Warrior: High Intensity Training And Hit Business

449 - Aurum's Rapid Expansion: Candid Insights on Strategic Decisions, Financial Performance, and Growth with CEO Julian Massler



How can you grow your strength training business successfully and avoid the pitfalls that those who grow too soon, too fast, and too unprepared fall into?   ⁠⁠Aurum Fit CEO Julian Massler returns to the podcast to talk about the strategies and tactics that have allowed him to scale one of the most interesting HIT brands in the world right now.    We catch up on Aurum’s rapid expansion and go into detail about how to scale without losing focus, managing operations, making smart decisions at a high level, frameworks for franchising, and even building their own tech-driven HIT equipment.   If you want to know what it takes to grow fast and scale your fitness business the right way, this episode is for you.   ***