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448 - Bill DeSimone's Fitness Philosophy Q&A: Mastering Biomechanics for Safe and Effective Exercise - Part 2



What makes certain popular exercises unsafe and some machines sub-optimal, and are you inadvertently increasing your clients’ risk of long-term injury (even if things seem like they’re fine right now)?   Bill DeSimone returns for part 2 of our deep-dive Q&A on the biomechanics of specific exercises, machines, and modalities.   Bill is an ACE-certified health coach, Senior Fitness Specialist, and owner of Optimal Exercise in Cranbury, New Jersey, and has certifications in Functional Anatomy, Functional Fitness, and Orthopaedic Exercise. He has been training people since 1983, and he is also the author of Congruent Exercise, Moment Arm Exercise, and Joint-Friendly Fitness: Your Guide to the Optimal Exercise Program.   In this episode, we go in-depth on form, technique, and machine and equipment usage and configurations, along with Bill’s thoughts on shoulder hanging, Knees Over Toes, blood flow restriction, and more!   ***