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446 - Your Imagine Strength Questions Answered: An In-Depth Discussion with Jeff Turner - Part 1



If you’re a strength studio owner (or you’re looking to start one), why should you think about Imagine Strength versus other HIT machine brands? In this episode, I sit down with Imagine Strength’s Jeff Turner to talk about your questions, and we cover things like design differences and technical innovations, the benefits your clients can get with IS (that you can’t with other brands), which countries Imagine Strength ships to (and how long shipping takes), and a lot more — so much, in fact, that we had to just plan a part 2! Side note: if you want to be in the loop for future Q&As and submit your own questions, subscribe to the HIB email list here. If you’re looking for great equipment that’s got terrific bang for your buck to kit out a new strength studio or refresh your current one, check out this episode now. ***