Corporate Warrior: High Intensity Training And Hit Business

445 - Back to Basics: Pete Cerqua's Strategies for Revitalizing Veteran HIT Businesses



Do you feel like your strength training business could use a jolt to revitalize itself and break through a plateau in growth?    Legendary Trainer and Master HIT Business builder Pete Cerqua returns to talk about how you can double your revenue and reignite your fitness business success, even if you’ve been in the HIT game for years.   Pete has decades of experience in building high-powered fitness businesses and training high-ticket clients, and he is also the author of the books The 90-Second Fitness Solution, High-Intensity Fitness Revolution for Women, and High-Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men.    His program “Million Dollar Trainer” shows personal trainers how to earn 7 figures per year, and he is currently running an Exclusive HIT Business Coaching Program that’s been helping trainers and strength studio owners generate more revenue than ever before — check out the results and join the waitlist here.   In this episode, Pete talks about why HIT businesses and even experienced trainers start struggli