Corporate Warrior: High Intensity Training And Hit Business

443 - Cracking the Code: How Pete Cerqua Doubled His Personal Training Sessions with This One Key Change



What PROVEN keys are there to DOUBLING your fitness business revenue are there and why are so many trainers and strength studio owners failing to use these?   Legendary Trainer Pete Cerqua talks about the mistakes that even he made and how he saw his training sessions and earnings double once he learned these lessons the hard way — the very lessons that he wants HIT business owners and strength trainers like you to learn but just all gain without the pain.   In this episode, we talk about what your workout sessions need to be like so that you can not only attract clients but also keep them for life. We also go into the wrong ideas trainers and strength studio owners get that sabotage their earnings and business growth, as well as going into the nitty-gritty of how to execute the changes you need to put into practice for maxing out your revenue.   ***