Corporate Warrior: High Intensity Training And Hit Business

439 - Tailoring Training Intensity: A Deep Dive with Logan Herlihy



What’s the best way to optimize intensity for your strength training clients and convert more of your free workouts into paying ones? This episode’s guest is Logan Herlihy, a senior exercise physiologist and general manager at Discover Strength, and the author of How 2 Look Good Naked: The Least Amount Of Effort, To Look The Best With Your Clothes Off.   Logan has overseen over 20,000 workout sessions, hosted the Discover Strength podcast, and studied and seen what works best for most strength training clients — including the difficult ones (if you’re a personal trainer, you know the type)!    If you’re keen on getting more clients, you’ll love this episode — Logan talks about the keys to providing great customer experiences with your workouts, both in getting clients results as well as growing your strength training business effectively.    ***