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#617: The Surprising Connection Between Muscle Health and Business Performance with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon



Avoid burnout, boost your energy, and watch your business take off with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon. You're growing your business and dialing in on list growth, digital courses, and marketing strategies, but what if I told you there's something even more important than any of that? Your health.  That's right, prioritizing your wellness is the game-changer that is going to revolutionize your business and life.  If you’re an entrepreneur, you're working long hours, crashing from time to time, and putting your health at the bottom of your priority list. But guess what? The most successful entrepreneurs know that their health is the key to a sustainable business. Now you may be thinking, “Amy, where in the world do you find time to focus on your nutrition?”  Story of my life, my friend! I've always struggled with maintaining my weight while balancing a packed schedule.  But I’m telling you – my business and my body were thanking me the second I started incorporating more protein into my diet, sticking to a workout r