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#602: Myth Busters Series: “My Email List Is Too Small To Launch My Digital Course” (Ft. Jan Ditchfield)



Small list, big Revenue: Jan Ditchfield's path to digital course success Ever found yourself thinking you don't have enough time, money, credibility, or a large enough audience to create a successful digital course? Well, you're not alone.  Over the years I’ve found that many of my Digital Course Academy students started off feeling this way -- but still go on to create wildly successful digital courses.  One of these students is Jan Ditchfield, a former award-winning fundraiser and revenue generation strategist. Burnt out from being told what to do at her 9 to 5, she took a leap of faith and ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and digital courses. What I love about her story is that Jen had a small email list and small social media following – yet she managed to rake in an impressive $18,425 from 29 enrollments -- completely ad-free – in her very first launch.  Since joining Digital Course Academy, Jan's journey has led her to over $145,000 in revenue, and she's well on her way to a multiple 6-fi