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#607: A Step-by-Step For Creating Accountability Pods To Support Your Digital Course Students



A deep dive into Accountability Pods (& how they’ve helped my digital course students succeed) Agree or disagree: As a digital course creator, you want your students to thrive in your course and go on to accomplish whatever goals they set out to achieve using the information that you’ve taught them. I’d hedge a bet that you agree.  That’s why it’s so important as the captain of your digital course ship to foster an environment of accountability within your community. It’s been a crucial part of what’s made my courses so successful. In fact, what drives the remarkable transformations my students undergo during Digital Course Academy’s intensive nine-week journey is thanks to what I lovingly call “Accountability Pods.”  And after helping thousands of students launch digital courses over the years, I've fine tuned an effective system that will guide you in creating your own accountability program for your course. Not only will this system make your students’ course experience better, but it will also streamline