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#614: Why I Decided To Cancel My Coaching Program Days Before It Launched



A true story of decision-making, humility, and the pursuit of a business in full integrity Picture this: A situation where I made a big mistake and was faced with a decision that brought me face-to-face with some hard truths about my business and leadership approach. This particular situation is hard for me to talk about, and my intention in sharing it isn't to air my failures, but to offer you a cautionary tale -- one that might save you from making the same misstep. It’s a real-life story of decision-making, humility, and, ultimately, the pursuit of a business in full integrity. You’ll hear the story of how (and why) I decided to pull the plug on my coaching program and shelve the project indefinitely, after a very long time of working tirelessly on it.  It's a candid look into one of the biggest business mistakes I’ve ever made, where I peel back the layers of all the emotions, doubts and lessons that I've gleaned from the experience.  Afterall, even after 14 years in the business, mistakes happen -- and w