Welsh Lives

This podcast celebrates the extraordinary lives of ordinary people in Wales.Presented by Adeola Dewis, the series - which is also a television series on ITV Cymru Wales - hears...

Sean V Sean

Sean v Sean is the premier podcast for people who enjoy uninformed idiots arguing.

Sean Sears

I like podcasts and hip hop.

Inside Welsh Sport

Sport Wales presents inspiring stories about Welsh sport.


Welcome to the Sean podcast, where amazing things happen.

Welsh For Beginners

Welsh is one of the oldest continuously used languages in Europe and has been spoken in the British Isles for thousands of years, predating English by several centuries. It is a...

New York Welsh

A window into the lives and achievements of Welsh people in New York. Hosted by Gideon Jensen and Richard Swain, each episode features a different guest and their unique story....

Learn Welsh Podcast

A Podcast to help people learn to speak the Welsh Language in a fun and simple way.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Did you know that Pembroke Welsh corgis were bred to herd livestock? Learn more fun facts about the history of this adorable breed, how to care for a corgi, and more.

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