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Bárbara es una obra de teatro de Benito Pérez-Galdós. Cuenta la historia de Lotario, un hombre cruel en la Italia de principios del S. XIX, que maltrata a su mujer, Bárbara....

Taylor Talking Taylor

Taylor Wilhite teaches his guests about the wondrous legacy of his name by discussing other Taylors of note.


Mme Thevenok et ses deux filles décident de passer une annonce pour trouver un locataire afin d'aùémiorer leur quotidien. Le cpitaine répond à l'annonce et tombe amoureux de...


Welcome to the Bárbara podcast, where amazing things happen.


Bárbara é uma ficção de Brunella Brunello. Desencanto existencial, solidão, rupturas e reconciliações, maternidade, relações familiares, sexualidade, o peso da velhice, a...


McGee Brown, the "emerging dean of participatory sports journalists," quits his job on a whim and finds himself in San Francisco. When he links up with his old friend Fillmore, a...


Introduces some common objects that are brown in color including grocery bags, footballs, and teddy bears.

Taylors Boom

Real events hitting the world

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