An enraged cattle rancher fires a herder and forces him to leave through a savage jungle. Then he sets his trained jaguar on the man's trail - the big cat will feast tonight!

The Champion

Haypress feeding is a brutal test of strength that can kill a man. Cafferty isn't worried. He's going after Frenchie's record anyway — the prize is a dream come true.

Prairie Yuletide

There's nothin' like a story of love, giving and happiness for Christmas.

Lost Dutchman O'Riley's Luck

Can Dennis O’Riley and his granddaughter June reverse their bad luck by re-discovering the Lost Dutchman’s gold mine before it is stolen from them?

The Craft of Ka-Yip

The morning air rocked with the explosions of a half-dozen guns. Ten cutthroats rode into Alkali Coulee to ambush the steamboat Great West. They ignored an old Indian sitting by...

The Great Slave

Sienna, the young chief of a vanishing tribe, is given a second chance to bring abundance to his people when white traders bestow a gun - the fire stick - upon him. The power of...