Kwanzaa Candles

See what role candles play during Kwanzaa. Young readers will learn about the holiday in this fictional story, which pairs with the nonfiction title Holiday Fun.

Amana at School

Amana enjoys making different crafts at school. Adorable illustrations will engage emergent readers. Pairs with the nonfiction title My School.

Baby Rhinos

Bump it! Young rhinos playfully charge at one another pretending the little nubs on their heads are full horns. It's fitting that a group of baby rhinos, plus mom, is called a...

Baby Turtles Blastoff! Readers: Level 1

Turtle hatchlings enter the world with sometimes more than 100 brothers and sisters. But after birth, the babies live independently! Their instincts lead them to hunt for worms,...

Snow Leopards

Snow leopards are big cats that live high up in the Himalayan Mountains. These spotted felines are powerful jumpers, leaping as far as 30 feet in one jump! Find out more about...


Weasels are small and furry with a face of innocent curiosity, but it’s all a facade. They are bloodthirsty predators, and they’ll stop at nothing to sink their teeth into...

From the Train

Linh sees many things while she rides on the train. This simple fictional story pairs with the nonfiction book I Ride.

Khalil's Clothes

Khalil wears different outfits for his daily activities. Young readers learn about kinds of clothes in this simple story. Pairs with the nonfiction title Clothes We Wear.

Baby Zebras

It’s a wobbly beginning for baby zebras. Newborns have to get used to their long legs. But in no time, they are running with the herd! The youngest readers are sure to be...

Baby Raccoons

Who's afraid of the dark? Well, not raccoon cubs! These fluffy youngsters are creatures of the night, looking a lot like masked trick-or-treaters when foraging for food. In this...

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