Inside My Home

Engage emergent readers with a look inside different parts of a home. This simple nonfiction text pairs with the fiction book Our New Neighbors.

Hockey A First Look

Hockey is a fun fall and winter sport. Learn about equipment, rules, and more in this thrilling introduction to the game.

I Am Caring

What is a way we show the people in our family that we care? One way is simple and quick—giving them a hug. Pairs with the fiction title Caring for Sister.

Dance A First Look

There are many different ways to dance. Jump into the basics in this engaging introduction to dance.

Karate A First Look

Karate can make you stronger. Young readers will have fun learning what karate is and how to participate.

We All Need Food

Colorful photos and simple text invite readers to explore the foods people eat in this nonfiction book. Pairs with the fiction story Making Roti.

Juneteenth A First Look

Juneteenth is about being free. Young learners will explore this cultural and historic holiday through engaging text and photos.

I Am Positive

Show children that playing on a sports team is an opportunity to practice having a good attitude—even when the team loses. Pairs with the fiction title A Beautiful Day.

I Am Honest

Being honest is a sign of good character, and being honest feels good. Explore scenarios where honesty comes into play in everyday life. Pairs with the fiction title Ready for Bed.

I Ride

Beginning readers explore the types of transportation people use. What kinds of vehicles do their families use? This easy-reading nonfiction text pairs with the fiction story From...

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