Mind Whispering

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"The road in life forks in every moment, with one path leading toward confusion, separateness, and entanglement, and the other toward clarity, connection, and mental freedom. With mind whispering, the choice can be ours."

Why sometimes do even the smallest events send us into a downward spiral? Whether we're aware of it or not, our feelings and outlook are constantly shaped by learned patterns, or habitual modes of being. These have the power to dictate our sense of wellbeing and our very perceptions of our lives and the world around us. These modes—distinct orchestrations of how we think and feel, how we act and interact—can open us up to delight and wisdom or preoccupy us with fear and despair, driving and distorting our experiences like invisible puppeteers of the mind.

In this engaging and insightful work, New York Times bestselling author Tara Bennett-Goleman offers us new ways to cut the strings of our self-defeating habits and find emotional freedom.

By bringing together the latest in cognitive psychology, the neuroscience of habit change, Eastern philosophy, and her experience with horse whispering, Bennett-Goleman helps liberate us from our most challenging mental roadblocks so we can identify emotional triggers and dysfunctional habits in ourselves and our relationships and begin to build new positive patterns in our lives and our world.

A groundbreaking map of the emotional mind, Mind Whispering helps transform our emotions, improve our relationships, connect us with a wise and compassionate heart, and finally live with a more lasting sense of happiness.


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