Destiny's Surrender

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The child he didn't know he had . . .

Andrew Yates has come to a decision: it's time to stopsowing those oats and start a family. But searchingfor a bride isn't as simple as he'd hoped, and many ofthe respectable women of his acquaintance feel . . .lacking. Then beautiful, feisty Wilhelmina "Billie" Wellsarrives at the family ranch with a toddler inher arms, claiming Drew is the father!

The woman he didn't know he loved . . .

Billie had no choice but to show up at Destiny insearch of Drew. For the sake of their child, she'swilling to leave him with his father so the boy canhave a better life, but then, before she can blink,she's saying "I do" in front of a preacher in a marriageof convenience. All Billie and Drew have in commonis the heat that brought them together, but cantheir sizzling passion lead to an everlasting love?


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