Avana Method Guided Meditation Podcasts



For the past ten years, Joyce A. Salvo has held monthly gatherings as an on-going support for the many changes that take place in our personal lives as well as worldwide These gatherings have developed into what has been lovingly referred to as "Cornucopia". During these gatherings, an array of information on recent developments on health, nutrition, supplements, emotional, spiritual, and energetic advancements are discussed and shared. At the end of each teleconference, there is a 15 minute guided meditation that begins at the personal level for each individual attendee and progresses to a universal prayer for peace compassion, and healing for the earth itself. These podcasts are the guided mediations that are performed in each Avana Method monthly teleconference. For more information regarding our teleconferences or to purchase the full audio recording, visit our website at www.avanamethod.com.


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