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Our GTD® podcasts are here to support you at every stage of your GTD practice. You will hear David Allen and others interviewing people from all walks of life about their journey with GTD, from beginners to those who have been at it for years. The podcasts include personal and professional stories, as well as practical tips about GTD systems for desktop and mobile, using apps and paper. Start listening now and you'll be well on your way to stress-free productivity.


  • Ep 106: Procrastination

    19/05/2021 Duración: 06min

    From the archives: David talks about the challenge of procrastination and the reasons why we do it. He also explains the difference between procrastination and intuitive holding.

  • Ep. 105: How Do I Organize Project Actions

    12/05/2021 Duración: 33min

    From the Archives: David talks about organizing project actions and explains that when we're thinking about a theme, topic, project, problem, situation, we tend to want to see everything about that all together...

  • Ep. 104 - The Do Lectures

    07/05/2021 Duración: 32min

    From the archives: David steps out of his comfort zone to talk about his story and what excites him. 

  • Ep. 103 - Dose of Leadership Interview

    30/04/2021 Duración: 36min

    From the Archives: David talks with Richard Rierson on the Dose of Leadership podcast about GTD®

  • Ep. 102 - What Tools Should I Use?

    20/04/2021 Duración: 04min

    From the Archives: David explains that there is no perfect tool, it doesn't matter. It does matter that you have a tool or some tools, and not rely on our psyches. You need a tool that matches the function.

  • Ep 101 - Project Lists

    13/04/2021 Duración: 04min

    From the archives: Coach Meg Edwards talks about how to get to a complete project list if you're like most people who hover at 30%-80% complete project lists, and how to get them to 100% complete.

  • Ep 100 - Problems or Projects?

    07/04/2021 Duración: 05min

    GTD Coach, Meg Edwards, expands on what she sees as problems with people's incomplete Project Lists with a personal example.

  • Ep. 99: Predictable Success Interview

    31/03/2021 Duración: 38min

    From the archives: Les McKeown talks to David Allen about GTD for his Predictable Success podcast.

  • Ep. 98: History Interviews David Allen

    23/03/2021 Duración: 01h17min

    From the archives: History, So It Doesn't Repeat, interviews David Allen. They explore personal productivity and how to clear our mental RAM. You'll discover how to Get Things Done® and learn how to make informed choices with ease, by learning a few keystone habits, you'll be primed to be productive and create a stress free environment. Learning is the answer, what is the question?

  • Ep. 97: Filing

    16/03/2021 Duración: 02min

    From the archives: David talks about all the keys to filing and how it relates to GTD® and how it creates "clean edges".

  • Ep. 96: Sharing GTD with Kids

    11/03/2021 Duración: 05min

    From the archives: David talks about having a window into the professional world for kids before they enter into the working life.

  • Ep. 95 - Setting Goals

    02/03/2021 Duración: 04min

    From the Archives: David Allen on setting Goals for 2010 with Christy Nicholson of Scientific American. Advice you can use for any new year.

  • Ep. 94: A Guided Mind Sweep with David Allen

    23/02/2021 Duración: 20min

    Please enjoy a segment from a webinar David Allen did for our GTD Connect members. It’s a guided mind sweep. It’s a really great opportunity to experience what you’ll find at and also be able to walk yourself through this really important practice with your GTD implementation. Subscribe on iTunes or wherever else you find your podcasts. Or simply head over to: #GTD #gettingthingsdone #DavidAllen #GTDpartner #GTDofficial #mindlikewater #FreedomFocusGTD #WeeklyReview #somedaymaybe  

  • Ep. 93: Weekly Review

    19/02/2021 Duración: 02min

    David talks about the value of the GTD Weekly Review®

  • Ep. 92 - Action Lists

    17/02/2021 Duración: 05min

    GTD Coach, Meg Edwards, talks about how you can customize your lists and tells you how she sets up her action lists. Find what works for you.

  • Ep: 90 - The Outdoor Mindsweep

    26/06/2020 Duración: 08min

    In this episode, Meg Edwards shares how she performs an outdoor Mind Sweep.  She models for us how a Mind Sweep can be done anywhere, and how this process can be used to bring additional items to mind when you're in a given context. If you'd like to hear more about the Mind Sweep and how it can serve you in capturing more items to gain control, listen to episode 3 where David Allen guides you through a full Mind Sweep.

  • Ep: 89 - How to Stop Procrastinating On Your Taxes (...And Everything Else)

    03/06/2020 Duración: 11min

    In this episode we present an excerpt from a talk that David gave in front of a live audience. It covers procrastination, what type of people are the most susceptible to getting stuck, and how to stop procrastinating on your taxes….and everything else.

  • Ep. 88: Two-Minute Tip — Outcome and Action Thinking

    30/05/2020 Duración: 02min

    A bit of a repeat if you've listened to my other tips, but one I just wanted to reinforce. Outcome and Action Thinking. Outcome and action are the two core elements of productivity. What do I want to produce or experience? And how do I need to allocate or reallocate my resources to make it happen? So that kind of thinking, as simple as that sounds, is something that we need to train ourselves to do. It's really a cognitive muscle you need to work with. So anything that's got your attention, anything that's either worrying or bothering you. That's the time to practice this sort of cognitive muscle. To use it. What would you like to have true? Instead of whatever is currently true. And how do you need to reallocate, or allocate your attention, your activities, your resources, to make that happen? For those of you asking "What's that huge pile of books back there David?" Frankly, the outcome was, I had a bunch of archives of all of the translated versions of my book in the different languages that we were going

  • Ep. 87: Two-Minute Tip — Be Crazy About What Could Be Cool

    30/05/2020 Duración: 01min

    You know this is another one of those kind of out of the box things but this could be a really good time to do some reflection on new stuff. New relationships. New ways to manage your relationships. New ways of managing yourself. Being able to work more independently, even if you're still part of an organization, and need to be connected to it. We grow with challenges, so the challenges that we may all be in right now or experiencing in some way, shape, or form they're going to teach a strength, patience, and tolerance I've discovered after my 75 years. That tends to show up and expand, and kind of add to the quality of my life. Add to the relaxation of my life. Add to the focus of my life. One very useful key many times, is journaling. If you're not doing that already you might want to consider just sitting down and just writing. Just writing out. I've done journaling on both my computer as well as with a great fountain pen and a wonderful journal, over the years in my life. There have been times that was re

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