Bà Chúa Chè

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“Writing to history, people often refer to the study of historians. Writing about fiction people often talk about the art of the author. Talking about the history of fiction in addition to the study of statistics based on documents, one must also consider the talent of composition, imagination or fiction. All of that ingenuity is found in Mrs. Chua Tea ”
“Nguyen Trieu Luat has opened himself a line of compelling historical fiction that is very respectable. He was a writer at the time and loved his readers. Not only that, but talented writers like Nguyen Tuan, Hien Chy, Dai Duc Tuan ... as well as famous literary researchers such as Vu Ngoc Phan and Truc Khe, all had articles praising him. Today, Nguyen Trieu Luat's story is still worth reading to understand the history of Thang Long in ancient times, as well as the writing techniques of Vietnamese novelists at that time, at least two or three generations ago. . "