Soccer Drills: A 100 Soccer Drills To Improve Your Skills, Strategies And Secrets

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Are you ready to take your soccer game to the next level? Or just looking for ways to improve your team?
This audiobook can help solve your problems.
Whether known as football or, as in the US, soccer; the ‘beautiful game’ is the most popular sport in the world. The best players earn millions of dollars per year, and the greatest clubs are icons in their regions. Children love putting down a couple of jerseys and having a kick around. Globally, it is the team sport that has the greatest public participation and, at the highest level - such as the World Cup, top leagues and cup finals - matches are watched live by tens of thousands of cheering fans. Support is only limited by stadium size, with tens or even hundreds of millions following their team on TV.
It is therefore no surprise that so many people love to play the game, and want to become better at it. Youngsters dream of becoming the next Pele, Messi, Maradona or Ronaldo. This book offers coaches and players insight into how to become a better soccer player. There are chapters on the role of the individual in this team game, and the role of the team in a sport lit up by the brilliance of individuals.
There are drills included to help the player and his side. Indeed, it is drills that lead to players becoming experts, and as good as they can be. Drills take the individual components of soccer and allow practice in a pressure-free, or pressure-controlled, environment.
Imagine that a game of soccer is like an English literature examination. For that test, you get taught the information you need to know; you practice using that learning in tests, discussions, and essays. You work on it on your own, making sure that your mind is fit enough to tackle the challenge of the final exam.
What you very much do not want is to be learning new concepts under the pressure of the examination hall. That is the place to show what you can do, not try out risky ideas.