Rash, A Memoir

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Have you ever dreamed of running away to paradise? Lisa Kusel did that when she convinced her schoolteacher husband to apply for a job at the newly-opened Green School in Bali. Six weeks after his SKYPE interview, Lisa, Victor, and their six-year-old daughter Loy packed up their lives in California and moved halfway around the planet. But, as the saying goes: be careful what you wish for. Instead of finding a serene place to write her next novel, an exciting shot of adrenaline for her floundering marriage, and an amazing school for Loy, Kusel ends up in a world of burning corpses, moldy bamboo, manic monkeys, and a school that seemed to be less of an educational trendsetter and more of a showroom for selling bamboo huts. RASH isn’t just the dark, flipside of "Eat, Pray Love": it’s a laugh-out-loud wake-up call. Sharply written and ultimately touching, RASH is the story of a woman looking for reconnection, but looking way too far from home.