Knowledge Of The Higher Worlds And Its Attainment

  • Autor: Rudolf Steiner
  • Editor: KKIEN Publ. Int.
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Rudolf Steiner’s thought is central in world culture of the past century and has contributed to the growth of humanity through a very particular path. His studies have embraced theosophy, anthroposophy and his knowledge of the paths of enlightenment has contributed to the development of a new planetary consciousness. Steiner addressed the issue of education as a primary in his thoughts, knowing that education was a key development important. Many are the texts that surround his educational thought. Here we present the first dedicated to personal growth and initiation. Are enclosed in the text of the wise who want to prove how in every man there are faculties which, if properly aroused, allow him to gain knowledge about the higher worlds, following the steps of Initiation: preparation, lighting, control of thoughts and feelings. The start along this path requires a very specific attitude of the soul must begin a process of self-education and subsequently eliminating the root dampening criticism, judgment, sentencing disposition which are proper to a being akin to veneration of knowledge. Of particular interest are the chapters devoted to the modification of the dream life of the Initiate and his meeting with the Small and the Great Guardian of the Threshold. In the description and commentary of this match Steiner recalls the significance of the multiple incarnations of the human being in the course of its evolution. The meaning of pedagogical work appears where it is recalled that man participates in the improvement of the world by implementing a universal regeneration of the spiritual dimension, linking its development to the natural cycles.