The Wonderful Garden Or The Three C's

  • Autor: Edith Nesbit
  • Editor: SAGA Egmont
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Do you believe in magic? Then fasten your seatbelt and join the ride as The Three C’s – Charlotte, Caroline, and Charles - try to figure out where it can be found.Spending an adventurous summer while visiting their uncle, they discover both mysterious books and a wonderful garden that will change their lives forever. Especially one book catches their attention "The Language of Flowers" which seems to be an actual Spell book! As they try out some of the spells incredible things start to happen. Could this magic be real, or are the extraordinary events taking place merely coincidental? A fascinating book about the magic we can find in everyday life, and a story of what it means to be a child trying to find their way in an adult world.Great for fans of C.S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll.