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Podcast475: Lessons Learned Teaching During the Pandemic



Welcome to the first episode of Moving at the Speed of Creativity for 2021, now starting its 16th year as an educational podcast! This podcast episode features a conversation with Shelly and Wesley Fryer on January 3, 2021, reflecting on some of their lessons learned teaching elementary and middle school students during 2020, the first year of our COVID-19 global pandemic. Shelly is a 3rd grade classroom teacher at Casady School in Oklahoma City. During the fall semester of 2020, Wes has been teaching two sections of Introductory 5th Grade Spanish as well as his "normal" four sections of 5th and 6th Grade Media Literacy classes. At the start of our global pandemic lockdowns and time of "emergency remote learning" in March 2020, Wes was also serving as an instructional coach at our school, which is a role he's resuming in January 2021. Link to referenced resources from this recorded conversation, as well as links you can use to connect with Shelly and Wes, in the podcast shownotes. In 2021,