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Podcast476: The Power of Choice by Claude Larson



Welcome to a special Spring Break episode of Moving at the Speed of Creativity, for March 16, 2021! This podcast episode features an interview with Claude Larson, the author of "The Power of Choice: A Teen's Guide to Finding Personal Success." The audience for this book is not only teenagers, but also the teachers of teenagers looking for powerful ways to build classroom community and relationships with students to foster learning about character development and life skills which extend beyond the formal academic curriculum. In the description of the book on Amazon, Claude writes to prospective teen readers, "This book was created to help you slow down, sort through the madness and figure out what you actually want in your life. It’s a guidebook and simultaneously, a gold mine of your thoughts, dreams, goals and life direction. The stories and exercises within these pages were designed to help you build habits that support you in reaching your goals. Some of the topics you will examine include