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Podcast481: CMC World Student News



This podcast features an October 2022 with middle school student CMC (his public alias) who is the creator of CMC World News ( In this 20 minute conversation, CMC shares the origin story of CMC World News and how he came up with the idea, developed the website, and now maintains it with news articles for other kids around the world. He also addresses Internet safety concerns, and how he maintains his own privacy as a middle school student publishing and sharing a website which is publicly accessible for anyone to view and use. Check out the podcast shownotes for links to not only the main CMC World News website, but also the CMC World News YouTube channel. A video screencast version of this interview is also available, showing the different parts of the CMC World News website. That screencast was recorded using Screencastify software for Google Chrome. Moving at the Speed of Creativity podcasts are independently produced by Wesley Fryer of Charlotte, North Carolina, and feature episodes "whe