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222 : Do I Need a Pageant Coach?



Do I NEED a pageant coach to help me with my pageant prep? This is a question I hear often from my pageant coaching clients. In this episode, I am walking you through an exercise to help you determine if you should work with a pageant coach for you next pageant. As a pageant coach myself, I know that pageant coaching is not for everybody so I understand how difficult this decision can be. That is why this simple strategy will help you identify if pageant coaching is for you.   Subscribe: Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | YouTube  Connect with Alycia Darby: Join the Free Pageant Course Visit Follow Alycia on Instagram  #winapageant #pageantry #pageant #AlyciaDarby #pageanttipstowin. #pageanttipsforbeginners #pageanttips #pageanttraining #pageantinterview #onstagequestion #pageantq&a  Watch it on YouTube:  ©2022 Zimnoch Enterprise, LLC | All Rights Reserved | Win A Pageant®