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211 : 3 Pageant Productivity Hacks with Sandi Glandt, Mrs. International



Looking for productivity hacks to help you prepare for your next pageant? It’s so easy for us to get distracted by so many things in our day to day life while we try to prepare to win our next pageant. Sometimes it feels impossible to stay productive during pageant prep. In this episode, I sat down with Sandi Glandt, Mrs. International, and she spilled her 3 productivity hacks to get you started with being more productive with your pageant prep!   Sandi Glandt is a high performance productivity coach, wife, mom, best selling author and tv host. Using realistic time management strategies, she helps modern working women manage everything on their plate to be present and intentional with the most important aspects of their life. Using her Best Selling Book- Slay Your Day: How to Get More Done, become Ultra Productive and Unlock your Full Potential, she helps women go from overwhelm and burnout to balance. As Mrs. International 2022, Sandi promotes her platform Slay Your Day globally to share her S3 Framework to