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209 : 12 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Health with Brea Sharron Estep, Mrs. United States



Looking for health tips for women before you enter your next pageant? I sat down with the amazing Brea Sharron Estep, Mrs. United States, and talked about her passion for kid’s and women’s holistic health. In this video she is giving you her top 12 health tips for women and explaining why this is so important to her.   Brea Sharron Estep, Mrs. United States, is an Integrative Health Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, business coach and author of Amazon Bestseller “Holistic Health Clean Eating Cookbook.” With over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, she uses her health struggles and education to teach and coach others who feel like they have tried every diet, every workout and/or every doctor, find the underlying root cause to finally get their health and body back holistically.   Brea was born and raised in Greensboro NC where she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with her bachelor’s in business and became the owner of Foundation Fitnes