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210 : How To Be More Confident | 3 Keys to Confidence Keerah Yeowang, United States of America's Ms.



Are you wondering not only how to look more confident on stage but how to BE more confident?! This confidence training episode is for you! I talked with Keerah Yeawang about how she is using her platform to help women be more confident with her 3 keys to confidence!   “I strongly believe that when you look good, you feel good,” Keerah Yeowang said. “When you feel good, you do good. My goal is to go beyond makeup to help every woman look, feel, and do good every day.” Keerah Yeowang is an entrepreneur and professional makeup artist who launched her own beauty brand, Poshmetics Cosmetics in 2016, to inspire self confidence in women and teen girls through makeup and beyond. She also seeks to serve women in all seasons of life, including helping them become corporate executives and community leaders. Yeowang’s business network and personal outreach extend all the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Kisumu, Kenya. Keerah has written blogs and appeared on both radio and television. She is known for developing the Powd