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208 : Pageant Coaching | Passing Opportunity



One of my favorite unexpected pageant tips is to always make sure you are not letting a passing opportunity go by! You truly never know what opportunity might lead you to win a pageant. In this Pageant coaching session I am sharing some stories where I let passing opportunity right on by me and what it felt like after and I'll share a few times that I did NOT opportunity pass me by and what the outcome was there.   Subscribe: Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | YouTube  Connect with Alycia Darby: Join the Free Pageant Course Visit Follow Alycia on Instagram  #winapageant #pageantry #pageant #AlyciaDarby #pageanttipstowin. #pageanttipsforbeginners #pageanttips #pageanttraining #pageantinterview #onstagequestion #pageantq&a  Watch it on YouTube: ©2022 Zimnoch Enterprise, LLC | All Rights Reserved | Win A Pageant®