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198 : Pageant Mock Interview | Don't Over-Prepare



Don’t be over prepared when it comes time to answer your pageant interview questions! Maybe you have been spending a ton of time on your mock pageant interview in preparation for the big pageant interview questions and answers. I get it. You want to please the pageant judges and give them what they are looking for in a pageant interview…but did you know that you can actually be setting yourself up to be OVER prepared for your next round of pageant interview questions and answers?! In this pageant training, I am sharing the signs that you may just be over prepared for the mock pageant interview. I’ll also tell you what to do to avoid over-preparedness. Listen to this episode to the end to be ready to crush your pageant interview questions and Win a Pageant!   Subscribe: Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | YouTube  Connect with Alycia Darby: Join the Free Pageant Course Visit Follow Alycia on Instagram  #winapageant #pageantry #pageant #AlyciaDarby #pageanttipstowin. #pageanttipsforbeginne