Coffee Break French

CBF Mag 2.08 | Entre les montres de luxe et le lac Léman



In this episode of the Coffee Break French Magazine, we're transporting you to the city of Geneva. While hearing about what this wonderful Swiss city has to offer, we cover some interesting grammar points such as the agreement of tel(le) que and the use of être assis(e) à + infinitive. Sophie joins Mark at the end of the episode to discuss some time-related expressions including depuis la nuit des temps and en un rien de temps.There will be a total of 10 episodes in Season 2 of the Coffee Break French Magazine. If you'd like to benefit from lesson notes, transcripts, vocabulary lists and exercises, you can access the premium version of the Magazine here.Don't forget to follow Coffee Break French on Facebook where we post language activities, cultural points and review materials to help you practise your French. Remember - a few minutes a day can help you build your confidence in the language. Access the Coffee Break French Facebook page here.If you'd like to find out what goes on behind th