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191: Keeping the Faith with Shaylyn Ford, Mrs. World



191: Keeping the Faith with Shaylyn Ford, Mrs. World Shaylyn Ford is a wife, mother, make-up artist, philanthropist, and newly crowned Mrs. World. She's a professional makeup artist who has worked in every setting from movie stars to Make-A-Wish projects. Her love for helping others feel beautiful and valued extends to every part of her life. She also serves as a charitable director and volunteers with the Tim Tebow foundation to bring services and events to special needs families. As a mother of three and "autism mama" of two, she understands the critical need of these families firsthand. Along with her personal platform to help raise awareness for resources and services to families, caretakers, siblings of those with special needs, Shaylyn will also be helping to promote Beauty for Good and bring awareness to the opioid epidemic, mental health crisis and how we can help to combat this global epidemic for all generations. Newly Crowned Mrs. World, Shaylyn Ford, joins us today as we clear up misconceptions ab