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Lithuanian Out Loud 0282 - Gyvuoti To Exist



LL0282 – Gyvuoti To Exist   Hi there, I’m Jack and I’m Gintarė and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.   According to the website, some Russians are going into Russian stores and putting stickers of swastikas on Lithuanian products.  The Russian government says this has happened, but is not widespread.  Shop owners remove the products from the shelves since not many people want to buy a product with a swastika attached.   Russian groups are placing the stickers on products because a Klaipėda District Court dropped charges against four youths who were arrested for displaying swastika placards.    The youths were able to prove to the court that the swastika was a common symbol in ancient Lithuania, displayed on rings, bracelets and personal jewelry.   ***   Today we’ll go over the Lithuanian verb gyvuoti – to be, to survive, to fare, to exis