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Lithuanian Out Loud 0283 - Skaityti To Read



LL0283 – Skaityti To Read    Hi there, I’m Gintarė and I’m Jack and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.   According to the Švyturys webpage, Švyturys beer has been produced in Klaipėda, Lithuania since 1784 - that’s 226 years of beer.  Today the Švyturys and Utenos breweries are controlled by the Danish company Carlsberg.   Švyturys Brewery   today we’ll go over the Lithuanian verb skaityti – to read   skaityti is a transitive verb so it requires the accusative case or galininkas   neskaityti requires the genitive case   here are skaityti and neskaityti conjugated in the present tense   to read skaityti   I read aš skaitau   you read (tu) tu skaitai   he reads jis skaito   she reads ji skaito   we read mes skaitome   you read (formal) jūs skaitote   you all read jūs skaitote   they read (mm/mf) jie skaito   they read (ff) jos skaito   to not read neskaityti   I don't rea