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Lithuanian Out Loud 0297 - Vykti To Take Place



LL0297 – Vykti To Take Place to travel, to make one’s way, to take place   Hi there, I’m Jack and I am Gintarė and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.   Today we’ll go over the Lithuanian verb vykti – to take place, to go, to make, to make one’s way, to set off, to succeed, to happen, to occur.  Here are vykti and nevykti conjugated in the present tense.   to travel, to make one’s way, to take place vykti   I travel aš vykstu   you travel (tu) tu vyksti   he travels jis vyksta   she travels ji vyksta   we travel mes vykstame   you travel (formal) jūs vykstate   you all travel jūs vykstate   they travel (mm/mf) jie vyksta   they travel (ff) jos vyksta   to not travel, to not make one’s way, to not take place nevykti   I don’t travel aš nevykstu   you don’t travel (tu) tu nevyksti   he doesn’t travel jis nevyksta   she doesn’t travel ji nevyksta   we don’t travel mes nevykstame   you don’t travel (formal) jūs nevykstate   you all don’t travel jūs nevykstate   th